Flour Mix
Pancakes Flour Mix
The Pancake Line was born in the 60's under the brand "Tres Estrellas®".
  • This flour mixture is characterized by its marked aroma of butter, vanilla, and maple, a flavor that remains during the beating and cooking process.
  • The resulting pancakes are characterized by their uniform light golden color.
  • As for the sweetness of the product, it is within the normal range of prepared flours, with approximately 13% sugar.
  • Regarding the sponginess of the product, the thickness of freshly baked pancakes falls within an accepted range of 1.0 cm to 1.3 cm.
  • Regarding the texture, this mixture is characterized by being easily chewable, even when accompanied with the addition of sticky sugar-base coatings and/or fruit.
Churros and

Flour Mix
Churros and Buñuelos Flour Mix
The package includes a pastry sleeve and a star-shaped tip to shape the churros.
  • For churros this flour only needs to be mixed with boiling water (large bubbles), then stirred for around 20 seconds so that the flour absorbs the water. It is very important to follow the cooking instructions, measure the amount of water and take care not to overheat the oil.
  • For buñuelos, this flour also needs to be mixed with boiling water bubbles (large bubbles), kneaded for 4 minutes and then set aside for a short while before frying. The dough’s extraordinary quality can be shaped into various sizes, since it is very elastic. We recommend reading the instructions and measuring the exact quantities of the ingredients, all the while taking the necessary precautions when handling the hot oil.
San Antonio Wheat
Flour Bleached
San Antonio Wheat Flour Bleached
  • Wheat flour that contains a high percentage of protein.
  • Our flours have the necessary structure to withstand mixing with many ingredients.
  • Wheat quality.
  • High quality wheat is called SEMOLERO or DURUM, and is used for the production of pasta (noodles, macaroni, spaghetti, etc.).
  • All purspose Flour.
Starch Mix
Corn Starch Mix
Atole, its original form is a sweet cooking of corn in water, in proportions such that at the end of cooking has a moderate viscosity and served as hot as possible.
  • Atole.
  • Its original form is a sweet cooking of corn in water.
  • In proportions such that at tshe end of cooking has a moderate viscosity.
  • Served as hot as possible.
You can have many flavors: Vainilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Caramel.
Rice Flour
Rice Flour
Another great star is the Tres Estrellas® Rice Flour, which was also marketed in the 30s. It is well known for its navy-blue packaging and the face of a baby, angel or cherub, with light eyes and blond hair.
Advantages of rice as an ingredient in the preparation of food for human consumption vs. other grains:
  • It’s Cholesterol Free
  • Fat content is less than 1.0%.
  • Sodium free
  • It is a complex carbohydrate: It is made up of starches and fibers.
  • It's easy to digest.
Dolce Canela
Wheat flour made biscuit with cinnamon flavor. Flower- shaped and design. With cinnamon-sugar topping, baked and wrapped
Troyanas Chocolate
Square shaped cookies with chocolate flavor
Cookies Suprema
A circular shape biscuit with milk flavor and sugar topping
Creamy filled wafer with vanilla or strawberry flavor
Salty, crunchy, square shaped cracker