We have made Mexico’s favorite flour since the 1920's. More than 100 years ago, the wheat flour, Tres Estrellas® San Antonio, appeared in the Mexican market for the first time. It is a flour of outstanding quality that remains in the market, widely recognized by consumers thanks to its quality, which has been continued throughout these years.

Back then, the "Tres Estrellas®" factory not only produced wheat flour, but also delicious crackers and pasta; According to old reports, each star on the brand represented a product category (flour, cookies and pasta).

One of our stars has been the "Tres Estrellas®" San Antonio wheat flour. The name "San Antonio" (sub brand) was added because in 1929, the factory was located on San Antonio Abad street. The factory was later moved and the neighborhood where it was relocated was named "Tres Estrellas®" in honor of the factory and its products.

Tres Estrellas® products are manufactured by HARINERA LOS PIRINEOS, S.A. de C.V., marketed by Productos Alimenticios la Moderna, S.A. de C.V. Licensed by Pastas Cora, S.A. de C.V., owner of the Tres Estrellas® brand.

The Tres Estrellas® Brand

In 1920, Don Fermín Lance, a Mexican industrialist with a long tradition in the flour industry, together with his brothers Francisco, Luis and Carlos, founded the company Lance Hermanos (Lance Brothers), the name by which it was known until the death of its founders, when it was changed to LANCE, S.A.

The Company began as a wheat mill and was the first to pack the product and launch it under the brand "Harina Tres Estrellas®" (Tres Estrellas Flour).

Lance Hermanos set the standard in the flour industry by being the first to establish an organized distribution system and launch pasta under the brand "Semolina Tres Estrellas®", making it a daily staple in Mexican kitchens.

The Lances’ aspirations led them to venture into other branches of the industry, leading the San Antonio Abad facility to begin producing a new line of crackers, in addition to flours and pastas, such as the traditional Marías and Animalitos.

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